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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 6, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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peacock family when naming blinding snow jobs or snowstorms. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. thanks for watching. we'll see you again next week. >> heather: fox news alert. we exactly one month away from election day right now. as the candidates make some of their last trips to some of the crucial battleground states. it seems that the last legs of this race could be some of the hardest fought yet. welcome to america's election headquarters, i'm heather childers. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. governor romney is speaking in the critical swing state of florida but before he does he is getting in a little prep time before his next showdown with president obama. john roberts is live in florida, which i understand is north of orlando? >> it is just north of orlando.
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it spans two countries, seminole and orange county which split between obama and mccain in 2008. he spent this morning with rob portman his debate coach to do a little debate prep. they are expecting a much different president obama to show up a week from tuesday. one advisory the chicago obama to show up. in the meantime, he continues to carry on the momentum. she working the i-4 corridor where elections is won or lost in the state of florida. heights the differences between himself and zeroing in on taxes. >> for instance, he is going to raise taxes. vice president blurted out the truth. they plan on raising taxes trillion. they have already raised them a trillion. that is increases on taxes on small business, among other things.
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that will mean less jobs. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in ohio, president obama appeared to have a lot of fire that he seemed to be lacking on tuesday night. and accusing romney at shocking dishonesty and even though the deputy campaign acknowledged that tax cut would not be nearly 5 trillion dollars, it's something that the president repeated in cleveland. >> we put two wars a two tax cuts on a credit card. we didn't pay for them. now, mr. romney wants another 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts that he can't pay for. we're not going to let that happen. we are not going to fall backward, not with so much at stake. >> reporter: governor romney answering in the ad wars, as well. a new ad featuring melanie mack
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that mara that voted for president obama back in 2008. this time around she says she is going to vote for mitt romney. one of the views from the obama campaign, they had an amazing fund-raising month, $181 million raised. that a little bit less than what they raised in september 2008 but it does bring them closer that billion dollar mark in fund-raising for the year. >> gregg: john roberts live in apopka, florida. thanks very much. >> heather: expectations high for round two of the presidential debate. the issue of yesterday's jobs report is already being eyed as the big topic. u.s. unemployment falling to 7.8% in september. that is the first time that it's been below 8% in nearly four years. so what is the political impact of all of this with exactly one month until election day. shane is editor of xiansz and elections magazine and joins us
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with more insight. before we talk about specific numbers in the report. tell me overall what are the positives and negatives that each campaign can take from the latest jobs report? >> for president obama there is certainly a couple short term positives. the fact that the unemployment rate is now below that 8% mark, that is sort of psychological indicator there that i think no doubt helps the argument that he has been trying to make on the campaign trail. this is not the recovery we all wanted but we're on the road. for mitt romney it does take away one of talking points he has been very big on, number of consecutive months that the number has been at 8% or above, that line is gone from his speech. short term positives are there for president obama but long term you look at the historical
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numbers in terms of unemployment in presidential reelection years and depth of the political challenges are great here. >> heather: i'll ask you more about historically in a moment but the numbers have been called into question. there is actually a huge disconnect between the modest of new jobs report and significant decrease in the unemployment rate. jack welch, he went to as far to suggest that the numbers may be manipulated by the obama administration. do you think that the numbers add up? >> i think the suggestion that the numbers was cooked is relatively ridiculous. that being said. economists at the labor department will admit freely that there is a lot of margin of error in these numbers. a month after each job report these numbers are revised upward
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or downward. the question of the number came out of the household survey, 800,000 plus number, there is a lot of margin for error, possibly as much as 400,000. that is admitted by folks within the labor department, as well. i think you can't get too hung up on the overall numbers because typically these are revised upward or downward. that tends to happen a month later when we stop paying attention. >> heather: what will the numbers do in terms of swaying voters' opinions, specifically undecided voter? do you expect to see a change in the polls as a result of this? >> it's a tough question. i generally think the jobs reports do not move as much of opinion of voting public with the amount of noise in the d.c. bubble so to speak. with all the rest of the noise we came off the heels of this first debate. we've got three coming up. there is so much going on day to
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day in this campaign. i'm not sure -- that is why i say a short term benefit for president obama, it may very well be short term. 7.8%, it's nowhere near where the white house would want to be a month before election. >> heather: historically one president in recent decades, george w. bush has won reelection when the unemployment rate was unchanged or higher than when he took at office. what does the report tell you? >> historically the numbers, if you look at the two incumbent president that has have lost, carter and george h.w. bush, the unemployment rate was lower than the one that we have right now at 7.8%. >> heather: definitely good perspectives. thank you very much. >> gregg: right now the vice presidential candidates are
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getting ready to go head to head. vice president joe biden and paul ryan will talk about foreign policy and domestic policy. we'll have live coverage and analysis beginning at 8:55 p.m. eastern time. we have a fox news alert for you now on the deadly meningitis outrage. cdc reporting two more deaths bringing the total to 7. there are dozens of confirmed cases in these nine states. look at this map. the rare fungal meningitis is linked to a custom-made steroid that used to treat back pain produced by a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts. in addition to the cases already identified, health officials warns hundreds of other people could be affected. >> gregg: the clock is ticking away for congress to stop the
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looming budget cuts and that could mean hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts to the military triggering significant defense job losses. now, there is a battle brewing over layoff notices that could go out right before the election. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> the law says mass layoffs are coming, notices should go out 60 days ahead. obama administration that isn't necessary since many are hoping a deal will be struck to avoid the cuts. even so, a ceo i talked to he will be up front with his employees. >> it makes it challenging. people come to work. we've got some of the best people in the country working for us. they come every day, they want to design the best systems that our fighters need, but it's challenging. when they sit around kitchen table at night. honey, what is going to happen? it's tough because they don't know.
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>> reporter: obama administration is telling contractors if they get sued for not sending out layoff notices the government will pick up the tack. lockheed martin will hold off telling workers, but two kron man sent a letter saying quote, should you rely on that guidance and fail to comply with the warren acted requirement, will you be setting up your company for serious legal and financial reprosper cushions. graham sounds pretty upset. >> in 2007, senator obama wanted to extend the notice requirement to 90 days rather than 60 to make sure the employees were fairly treated. now president obama who is faced with warren act problem because the notices go out before the election, the unilaterally setting aside a congressional statute. >> reporter: they insist their
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guidelines is legal and consistent with all federal contracting laws. what they advise contractors does not make new obligations for agencies or taxpayers. >> gregg: thanks very much. the radical cleric along with four other terror suspects making their first u.s. court appearance after arriving on a flight from london. they spent years unsuccessfully fighting their extradition. they are seen here in court. both pleading not guilty to a string of charges, including the 1998 u.s. embassy bombings. one is refusing to enter a plea in this his case. he is accused of conspiring to set up a training camp in oregon and helping in the abduction of 16 hostages in yemen, two of them americans. the two others were arraigned in connecticut on providing cash
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and recruits to terrorists in afghanistan and chechnya. >> heather: back to the terror attacks overseas, as the number of u.s. troops killed at the afghan counterparts has been on the rise, 50 so-called green on blue deaths, troops on the ground, hope is not list. military analyst colonel oliver north is streaming live near kabul, afghanistan. >> one of the things these troops are concerned about this story has been overhyped by our colleagues in the mainstream media. they know the risks they take. we have been out visiting with marines and special operators and sailors. here is what we've been seeing and hearing.
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today we traveled to remote outposts where three marines were killed in a recent attack green a blue attack. i asked about the effect of the incident. >> in the aftermath of these events, have any of them have come to you and said we're sorry about what happened? >> yes, sir. we are like one of village and one of populace, so our loss is their loss. they felt it as much as we did. we fight side by side. i pick these guys up and picked us up when we are down. >> this little town in hellman province is one of bloodiest places on the planet. afghan forces and u.s. marine operators are protecting the area. >> they know heather that are vulnerable because outnumbered
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significantly out in the community. you notice in that shot that we did in suzai, neither we are wearing body armor. surrounded by afghans. they know they are at risk and we sent a message. there is only a certain time left before everybody going home. many on the ground here believe that was a serious >> heather:, lieutenant oliver north, fascinating. thank you. >> gregg: more details in the death of a border patrol agent, nicolas ivy, friendly fire was likely to blame but investigators say they are still looking into the case for definitive answers. homeland security janet napolitano making a trip to ivy's home expressing her condolences to his family. several border patrol officials joining her on that trip and described the death of a true
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american hero. made progress into the investigation into agent ivy's death and looking into the possibility that was a tragic accident, the result of friendly fire. i explained to ivy's family that if the investigation reaches that conclusion, it changes none of the following fact that agent ivy did the ultimate sacrifice and died serving his country. he died in the line of duty and will be honored as such for his final act of service. >> gregg: ivy was killed after he and two other agents responded to an alarm that was trigger eastward by a sensor. another agent was wounded and third was uninjured. >> heather: coming up, new concerns that guantanamo bay detainees are headed for u.s. soil. administration promising that this recently purchased prison
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is not being used to house those suspects, but congressman peter king joins us to explain why they are not convinced and what he is doing they live up to their end of the bargain. >> gregg: gas prices hit a record high after jumping 12 cents in only 24 hours. we're going to look at the reasons why and if there is any relief in sight. >> heather: plus a fallen hero that sacrificed himself for the good of others gets the ultimate tribute here in new york city. a live report from the u.s.s. michael murphy and incredible story behind this massive destroyer. stay tuned. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >>. >> gregg: welcome back. check on the headlines, honda is recalling the 2002 through 2006 modems of its crv crossovers. they say electrical switches in the driver's side door could melt and cause a fire. chrysler is recalling the 2009 through 2010 ram 1500 and dodge dakota trucks, a problem can result in the axle looking up
1:21 pm
causing the vehicle to lose control. thousands of work on strike at a chinese factory that produce iphone 5's. they are unhappy with increased work demands and working through holidays. we always work during the holidays? >> heather: i love it. ♪ ♪ >> heather: that was the scene in new york city this morning. sailors boarding a newly commissioned naval destroyer, u.s.s. michael murphy. caught in an ambush in afghanistan who decided to sacrifice himself in order to save others. anna is live with more. hi, anna.
1:22 pm
>> reporter: now that the commissioning ceremony for the u.s.s. michael in you are if i is complete an american war hero's legacy is living on. the naval warship destroyer named after michael murphy. he died in a firefight in afghanistan on the deadliest day for american naval warfare since world war ii. now, the long island native michael murphy. he was the first american awarded the medal of honor. he was leading a four man team, after being shot in the back, he left a protected position to get a signal to radio for back-up. murphy and two other seals were killed that day along with 16 of his rescuers which included seals and night stalkers when their helicopter was shot down. >> it's great to be here in new york city so close to lieutenant's home. that is really special, too, because it allowed us to connect with the murphy family.
1:23 pm
friends and family he grew up understand our namesake even more and that inspires to do that much more. where he came from. what type of person he was. it's truely inspiring. >> reporter: and paying tribute to murphy at today's ceremony, michael bloomberg, charles schumer, peter king as well as military dig any ears and murphy's mother hopes the crew members will be, quote, be like her mike, serving with honor and loyalty. >> there is hole in your heart that never heals. there is part of you that is missing. even know i know spiritually he is here, i basically miss my mike. some days i can handle it but it brings you back to the day when all that tragedy happened. >> the only navy seal to survive on that fatal day has written a book called "lone survivor,"
1:24 pm
being made into a movie. >> heather: i have read that book multiple times. we appreciate it. >> gregg: what a wonderful tribute to a real american hero who made a difference. >> heather: just 29 years old. >> gregg: quite remarkable. congratulations to the family for this great honor, a tribute to his memory. is iran ready to make a deal to end the standoff over the nuclear program after crippling sanctions and massive protests? could they be considering a compromise now. >> heather: plus new developments in the hunt for the terrorist who killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. what defense secretary leon panetta is saying about the attack. very latest in a live report. úwa
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. one month away from election day. president obama taking some time off the campaign trail this weekend while governor romney is scheduled to speak at a campaign rally in battleground state of florida tonight. >> heather: a tour bus overturns in new jersey exit and 19 people were hurt including children. cause of the crash unclear. >> gregg: a firefight between turkey and syria continues for a fourth straight day today. it all began when a syrian border shell landed near a turkish village killing five civilians. turkey has been firing into syria every day since. >> heather: defense secretary leon panetta weighing in on the deadly attack in libya. he says that the u.s. is now investigating a potential new lead in the case. this as new questions arise about whether the obama
1:30 pm
administration could have done more to protect the four americans who were murdered in the terrorist attack. peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: it's been 25 days since four americans were murdered in libya. latest word from the defense secretary leon panetta is that the hunted is still on for the people responsible. he also says it's too soon to tell if two men arrested in turkey in connection with the murders are al-qaeda affiliated. >> we are doing everything possible to make sure that we go after those that were involved in the attack. >> reporter: five days after the raid, u.s. ambassador raid, u.s. ambassador susan rice went on five sunday showing and said the attacks may have been spontaneous and it wasn't necessarily terrorism but she says at the time she, quote, relied solely on the information the intelligence community provided to her. this information she says represented the intelligence
1:31 pm
community's best assessment as of the day of her television appearances. that is not an acceptable explanation for mccain and rod johnson who say that the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community. ambassador rice claims that they launched a comprehensive effort to what happened in benghazi but they failed to secure the scene of terrorist scene for three weeks. a state department mem oh shows the security team was denied a dc-3 aircraft they asked for but they say there is nothing prevented that the plane would have prevented the murder of those four americans. >> heather: peter, thanks. >> gregg: as the administration pursues the terrorists behind the murder of four americans in libya, recent purchase of one u.s. prison has some concerned that it will be used to house detainees from guantanamo bay on
1:32 pm
u.s. soil. while the administration has promised that shot the case our next guest is not so sure. peter king joins us, chairman of homeland security committee. i have a copy of the letter you sent to the president. you say it's clear that he, i'll quote, intends to proceed with a reckless plan of transferring terrorist detainees to the u.s. homeland? what makes you think so? >> several reasons. one, president made it clear earlier in the administration he have trials in new york. congress has made it clear that the correctional facility should not be iced for the terrorist trial to imprison terrorists but also made it clear that the federal government should not be buying this facility. it was clear expression of the house appropriation committee
1:33 pm
that it not be done. president is doing it anyway. this is really an end run. in almost unprecedented for president to defy congress on an issue like this. why is so intent for the federal government to purchase the state facility. the only tflt he wants to house terrorists. based on the commission in the past. >> gregg: four months ago. the u.s. attorney general eric holder made this promise. take a look. >> we wanted to acquire the thompson facility. it would be a welcome addition to our prisons and increase the capacity for those types of prisons and we will not move people from guantanamo to thompson. that is my pledge. >> gregg: do you think he was lying or maybe the president has decided to break that promise? >> the president can overrule
1:34 pm
the attorney general and quite frankly the justice department's record for accuracy and consistency has not been great. the fact is if the president wants to do it it can be done. there are other federal facilities they can use. existing facilities that would make more sense to use them than it would be. $156 million to purchase and many millions to refurbish thompson. >> gregg: the obama administration, i wanted to be fair for them, they need thompson to relieve inmate overcrowding at high security federal prisons. holder said the same thing. they say they are 50% over capacity and that is why they need thompson. do you buy that? >> i don't. if they felt that strongly about it they should have made a better case to congress. we should have, rule of law in this country and consistently the congress has said money
1:35 pm
should not be used to purchase thompson. they defied congress on this. to me this is some more about capacity, when there are existing facilities. that was the conclusion of frank wolf, one of the most respected members of the house. he has real doubts about this as do the 9/11 families. there is too much here. there is too much funny business to believe the administration on this. >> gregg: let me change subjects from terror inmates to terrorists at large in libya. it took more than two weeks to get to the embassy in libya. it that too late to recover any meaningful evidence and why would they leave without interviewing any witnesses? >> i have great regard for the f.b.i. but i don't know how you can do a forensic examination three weeks after the fact when
1:36 pm
so many people have access to the facility. why did it take them three weeks to get in there? thirdly, why did they leave so quickly? so many unanswered questions about this going all the way back just in terms of 9/11 before going over the last year. now it turns out the more security was requested, it was not provided. the story is coming through the administration. the whole thing with the f.b.i., again i have great respect for them. to wait for three weeks to go in and then go in and out in one day. i know they have locations but how can you have a crime scene investigation when you are not at crime scene. >> gregg: when journalists can recover sensitive documents literally weeks before the f.b.i. even get there, what does that tell you about the obama administration's handling of this? >> i have never seen any more mishandled issue.
1:37 pm
this involved the lives of americans and security of americans, involves a terrorist attack of americans, every stage it's been bungled. with the f.b.i. investigation, i want to give the f.b.i. the benefit of the doubt. something is going to why it took three weeks and how they left after one day. there is so many questions that the administration so far has not answered including size an rice went on the tv show. why they ignored about that. >> gregg: our sources confirm within 24 hours intelligence officials knew that this was a terrorist attack and yet the administration spent more than a week denying that. do you think this was a deliberate cover-up by the obama administration in which people lied not only to the american people but to you members of congress? >> i think the administration, the white house in particular,
1:38 pm
used political spin on matters of very sensitive intelligence and whether or not it was a terrorist attack. they treated it as they would do a tax bill. they tried to take selective evidence to make their case. i think they distorted the facts. lie is a strong word. >> gregg: peter king, good to see you, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, drivers keep taking hits at the gas pump. prices hit an all time high. we'll talk about how much it costs. >> i ride my bike to work due to the increase of gas prices. i can't afford it. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me.
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one dog showing that he will do anything to be by his owner's side. vander, he husky, he escaped from his new york home after his owner john dolan was hospitalized with a skoo skin condition. he ran several miles to the hospital where an employee found him outside the building where dolan was being treated. dolans believe that zander was able to follow the scented. they adopted him and they nursed him from the back from the brink of starvation. great story. to another unbelievable story, gas prices in california hitting an all time high. aaa reporting that a cost for gallon of regular gas jumped 12 cents overnight bringing the total 4.61, that 80 cents higher than the national average. is there any relief in sight.
1:44 pm
dominic is financial advisor joins us. hopefully, there is good news. first of all, why the high prices? what is causing this? >> again we had a similar problem. there is short term problems that are kind of unique to california. they had another refinery outage earlier in the week and that caused really shortages in the summer blend they need. earlier firings in august. the sum of perfect storm incidents have created a short term problem. hopefully we'll see relief in coming weeks. >> heather: there is simple explanation and real ex pla nation? >> the real explanation. on the average californians pay dollar per gallon 25% more than the national average. a lot of it has to do with regulation and taxation.
1:45 pm
they have created a lot of their own problems. on the average, californians pay over 50 cents a gallon in tax, compared 15 cents to new jersey, for example. they create their own problems and unfortunately that situation is not going to get better. it may even get worse. >> heather: i don't live in california. so why should the rest of us care? what does it say for the rest of the country and economy as a whole? >> great question. in a lot of ways california is an incubator what is going on. we have no national energy policy. as a result of that billions of dollars where there are solo panels of green energy but the average american is struggling every single day to pay their bills. if you look at the middle-class, the poor in this country, the underemployed, an extra $20 a week makes a big difference. here we have our own politicians arguing daily taxing the rich
1:46 pm
and middle-class and these dollars are getting sucked out of that wallet. >> heather: we did hear that touched on briefly in the last presidential debate. we had mitt romney and president obama talking about oil subsidies to oil companies versus green energy policies. what did you think about that argument. sometimes we get caught in minutia when we are getting away from reality the in the last four years, gas prices and oil prices nearly doubled doubled. what affect it has on our g.d.p. and ability pay our bills, to educate their child, it's huge. energy has to be the number one issue. it ties directly in our ability to grow jobs. >> heather: as we wrap up, do you see relief in sight anytime soon? >> relief in california, yes. relief in sight for the u.s. as a whole, no.
1:47 pm
remember, china, europe and u.s. barely growing economically. if we were to kickstart the economy there would be a huge surge in oil prices. >> one of problems in southern california, really no effective public transportation, you have to drive your car to and from work. those folks are getting hammered. that ruins their discretionary spending. it hurts retailers and small businesses. hate has a snowball affect. >> heather: what we talked about last weekend, car apocalypse. there is a lot of drivers in california. >> gregg: u.n. sanctions taking a huge toll on iran's economy but are they pushing leaders for a possible compromise over their nuclear program. we'll take a closer look at that in a moment. ♪
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1:51 pm
>>. >> gregg: iran denying looking to strike a deal to end the standoff over the nuclear program over one report that iranian officials made a compromise plan at the united nations last month. this coming as sanctions are apparently crippling their economy with recent protests
1:52 pm
there in years. is iran ready to budge? steven yates is former deputy assistant for national security affairs. great to see you. what are the chances that iran would actually capitulate to western demands by suspending the production of 20% uranium if you spin it a bit more could be used to make a nuclear bomb? >> gregg, i'm afraid what it sounds like the pieces of deal that were reported by the "new york times," basically the leftovers have more than ten years of negotiations with europe and united states and the u.n. security council. i don't feel there is lot new there. it's been offered and taken back and there is verification problems if you accept the deal. for me i don't see much of a change. if they are facing a great deal of pressure, there is a strategic choice do you make a deal with crumbling regime or do
1:53 pm
you have to have a strategy to see beyond the regime. >> gregg: iranians have 18, 20 sites, those are ones we know about and bunch under ground. a lot of this could still be hidden from nuclear inspectors. they could continue their uranium enrichment production capacity what would be an elaborate shell game, right? >> exactly. even if this alleged offer that had nine points that were reported. >> it's way near the end of the process they commit do cutting back. there is a lot of gives on the international community part before we get what we say is a strategic objective of these kinds of negotiations. >> gregg: iran's oil revenues are badly depressed. currency has plunged in value. people there, as you know, we have seen some of the pictures taken to the streets in protests. what exactly is causing the
1:54 pm
turmoil? is it the sanctions or as hillary clinton was suggesting or iran's mismanagement of the economy and where is this heading? could there will be a persian spring that somehow overthrows the regime? >> we thought we were headed in that direction in 2009. it is heartening to see there are enough people in iran to organize and express a view that pushes the government to be more responsive. it's very, very difficult to see how the current, at least starting of these protests, can get the critical mass that is needed to make a change in the regime there. if there isn't international support for it and organized opposition, these regimes like north korea, china and in times part they can weather this kind of turmoil without changeover for a very long time. >> gregg: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu believes that iran is roughly nine months from
1:55 pm
spinning enough uranium to create a bomb. is that a fairly accurate timetable in your judgment? >> well, we don't get to know. i think once we have verification that they have the capability it's been too late. trying to negotiate a nuclear iran is enormously more come pli indicated than what we face now. i suspect that prime minister netanyahu has watched this very closely. the since of urgency to try to get our hands on that situation. >> gregg: how do we go about supporting to those that are taking the streets in protest to the government of iran? >> first, we can do the simple thing of indicating we support that kind of a movement, but really, there should be other ways to marshal international support. there are others around the region that have a vested interest to see iran move in the right direction. these people need to have
1:56 pm
communication, organization capabilities. they need to have supplies and be able to resist what the government throws their way when it comes to the conclusion as it did in 2009 that it wants to crack down. >> gregg: the ruling mullahs can endure about anything. we'll wait and see. steven yates, thank you very much. >> heather: still to come. it is exactly one month until election day. the candidates they have a lot of work to do to try to drum up as much supported as they can, especially in those key battleground states. what each side needs to do on the road to the white house up next. the capital one cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus. and everyone, but her... likes 50% more cash. but, i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes how about some cupcakes? yes lollipop? yes! do you want an etch a sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no you got talent.
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♪ >> heather: hello, i'm heather childers and welcome to a brand new hour, inside america's election headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett, glad you are with us, topping the news, for the first time a notorious islamic firebrand and four other terrorism suspects appear in an american courtroom today. we have the latest, from inside the courtroom. >> heather: and, attacks from rogue members of afghan forces working alongside our soldiers, oliver north is live at a special-ops base near kabul. >> gregg: hundreds turning out for a special run to help raise money for our wounded vets, coming from only afghanistan and
2:01 pm
other hot spot regions in need of specially adaptive housing. >> heather: but, first, back to the campaign trail, the candidates targeting critical battleground states, after a debate that sent shockwaves across party lines this week. governor romney is set to hold an event near orlando today. while supporters at a campaign office are letting his wife know what a knockout job they thought he did at the debates. >> hi, evelyn. and your husband was great at the... at the debate. >> yes, terrific. >> he did a great job. >> he really did. >> heather: with exactly one month until the election, the events of this week alone have been enough to put both campaigns into overdrive, chief national correspondent, john roberts is live for us, in florida, and it looks like governor romney is making head way in the sunshine state? is that right? >> reporter: i think, things are
2:02 pm
tightening up a little bit, heather. we have weather moving in, hopefully that is not going to wet the thousands of people lining up for the event in apopka, north of orlando and the governor is work the i-4 corridors, the past couple of days between tampa and the daytona beach area, where elections are won or lost here and the real clear politics average of polls has it all tied up. a rasmussen poll has governor romney up a couple of points after the debate. trying to do two things in the sunshine state, continue the momentum, that he began to build on, wednesday night and to show people as well, that he is not the scary guy the obama campaign made him out to be and stopped off at a cuban restaurant in tampa, and, shook hands and got takeout and folks seemed to appreciate it. and, at a campaign event in st. petersburg he looked back on debate night, a debate night many people saw as a big flop for president obama. >> did you hear what he had to say? i didn't either... i kept looking for a specific plan as
2:03 pm
to what he was going to do to create jobs and heard more of the same, stimulus, hiring more government workers, raising taxes, those things don't create jobs, they cost jobs. >> reporter: and the governor again repeating the findings of a study by the national federation of independent business which found over the long term, president obama's overall tax policies, when it comes to obamacare and his increase in taxes on the wealthiest of americans would result en a loss of 710,000 jobs. >> heather: what about the president? now, several days after what many people said was a poor debate performance, on his part? >> reporter: a lot of people were scratching their heads over where the president was and the cover of the new yorker had the infamous empty chair in a cartoon, harkening back to clint eastwood at the republican convention and he seems to have at least on the campaign trail, now, found a lot of the fire and bravado, he seemed to be missing on wednesday night and he was
2:04 pm
saying romney was untruthful during the debate, trying to wiggle out of past positions. >> president barack obama: maybe it was extreme makeover. debate edition. but, no matter what he said, my opponent, he's a big believer of these top-down economics. >> reporter: you know, president obama had a little bit of good news, the unemployment rate down to 7.8% and the campaign this morning announced he collected in september, $181 million. shy of what he did back in 2008, but, still a healthy number, and the romney campaign countered saying governor romney, less than 48 hours after the debate took in $12 million himself, and, heather they are well fu funded and it will go down to the wire. >> heather: john roberts, reporting from the apopka florida.
2:05 pm
>> gregg: a political battle is underway, the white house advises defense contractors to ignore the law. ignore law requiring them to send layoff notices to their employees. thousands of workers are at risk of losing their jobs if the government can't make a deal to avoid massive looming defense cuts, mike emmanuel is live with more on the story. >> reporter: gregg, defense contractors feel like they are caught in a game of chicken between the white house and congress, ahead of major layoffs, notices are supposed to go out, 60 days in advance, and the obama administration says companies should not send them out. one contractor i talked to said that he is planning to tell his employees. >> even though you know it you can't tell them and puts us as a small business owner between a rock and a hard spot, we'll help you if you don't say anything before we go over the cliff, if we go over the cliff. >> he means the obama administration is telling contractors if they get sued for not sending out layoff notices, the government will pick up the tab. contractors like lockheed martin
2:06 pm
say they'll honor the request and hold off telling their workers but, two key republican snorts, john mccain and lindsay graham sent a letter to 15 major defense contractors, warning, quote, it is our fear should you rely on that guidance and fail to comply with the warren act requirements you will set your company up for serious legal and financial repercussions, and graham sounds outraged. >> this is an example of where the president of the united states is telling a private sector organization, don't comply with the existing statute, and, if you get sued, we'll pay your costs. that should disturb every american, not just republicans and democrats. and, it sets a bad precedent. >> reporter: senior administration officials insist their guidance is legal and consistent with all federal contracting laws, and, regulation. gregg? >> gregg: mike emanuel live in washington, mike, thank you. >> heather: a "fox news alert," now, a rare meningitis outbreak is spreading.
2:07 pm
the centers for disease control saying 7 people have died, the rare form of fungal meningitis is linked to steroid injections commonly used to treat back pain and the tainted steroids were tracked to a pharmacy in massachusetts and now, health officials are warning that potentially thousands of people may be at risk, without even knowing it. listen to the symptoms. >> headache, nausea, high fever are like the flu we are experiencing currently, but if you have had this particular steroid injection, doesn't matter, if you are experiencing one or two of the symptoms, go get checked. you can get a cat scan done to detect this, but, the method used most often in diagnosing it is a lumbar puncture or spinal tap. >> heather: it has sickened 60 people in 9 states. >> gregg: we're getting a
2:08 pm
reaction to the surge of deadly attacks on nato troops by afghan soldiers in recent months, known as gray on blue attacks. senior military analyst oliver north is imbeddeded with u.s. special operation forces in afghanistan and, lieutenant colonel north is streaming live from just outside of kabul. colonel? >> reporter: gregg, there is a remarkable number of young americans, out here, who are in harm's way, they have taken on the mission of helping the afghans begin to defend themselves, knowing there is a deadline and that deadline was set by the commander-in-chief, that you a us combat force are going to be out of this country, by 2014. that has many people concerned and some think it is one of the reasons why the green on blue attacks have increased. here is just some of what we have been seeing on this trip. today we traveled to remote out
2:09 pm
post where three marines were killed on a green on blue attack, and, we asked effect of the incident. >> in the aftermath of the events, has anyone come and said, we are sorry about what happened? >> sir, we have become like one of the village, one of the populous, so, our loss is kind of their loss and they, they felt it just as much as we did. we fight side by side, you know, i pick these guys up when they are down and they have picked us up when we are down, so... >> reporter: this district of helmand province is one of the bloodiest places on the planet and today is protected by afghan local police, and afghan special forces, and a handful of u.s. marine special operators. these americans american soldiers, sailor, airmen an guard men and marines are not alone. nato troops are doing the same thing, gregg, helping to train the afghan local police, the provincial police, and, some of the special units that will have
2:10 pm
to carry the fight in this car is going to be won, back to you, gregg. >> gregg: oliver north streaming live near kabul, afghanistan. colonel, thanks. >> heather: five suspected terrorists appearing in a u.s. court today, after being extradited from britain. abu al-masry and four other men were transported to the u.s. under tight security, masri is known as a terrorist recruiter who enlisted 9/11 conspirator moussaoui and richard reid and entered no play of charges of conspiring to set up a terrorist training camp. >> gregg: police carrying out anti-terror raids, arresting ten people and killing one man who opened fire on them wuound, thre officers. officers a dna led them to the
2:11 pm
jihadists. it happened on the same day a cartoon was published of the prophet mohammed. >> martha: a "fox news alert," a house oversight committee has secured the leading official at the u.s. consulate in libya for next week's hearing on capitol hill, utah army national guard lieutenant colonel andy wood, led a 16-member special forces site security team in benghazi when the consulate was attacked on september 11th. killing the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens, and, three others. wood has been subpoenaed to appear at next week's house committee hearing on the attack and the rest of the witness list is not yet complete. >> gregg: extreme weather, getting ready for a dramatic drop in the temperatures here in the east. and, freeze warnings out west.
2:12 pm
meteorologist maria molina is live in the fox extreme weather center and i fell out of the chair and looked and see the high tomorrow here will be 50 degrees? >> reporter: yes. 50s across much of the northeast tomorrow and will be dropping in temperatures as we head into tomorrow and will stay cool most of next week. keep in mind you have to take the sweaters out and the jacket and you will be wearing them for a couple of days, at least. and, east of the front, it is warm in the 80s now in charlotte, atlanta and behind the front, a lot cooler. currently, 47 over in chicago, and 44 in des moines, and 45 degrees in springfield and again, a dramatic change in temperatures, ahead of the front, compared to what is behind it. we do have a freeze warning that you did mention, because we are expecting temperatures, to drop below freezing, across many areas in the plains, oklahoma, you're looking at warnings, and like most of kansas, up into parts of nebraska and portions of the great lakes and this is a first hard freeze for many out here, of the season, and, something to keep in mind, you have to bring those plan inside
2:13 pm
if you have any in pots, do so, otherwise those temperatures tonight, look at these across the plains, 27 in omaha, 24 in pierre and, 26 denver and it will be chilly and you have to heat things up, turn on the heater and many of you haven't done so yet, at least another season and the temperatures will be change, dramatically and we are seeing the change, temperature dropped as much as 11° in new york city and 15 in syracuse and we're seeing them to dropping as the front is pushing eastward. tomorrow, 54, like you said, greg in new york city and, cool temperatures... >> gregg: is it time to pack away my quicksilver shorts. >> reporter: yes. get rid of the bermuda shorts. >> gregg: i wore 'em to work today. i remember we had a halloween that was nice and toasty. >> reporter: and also, the snowstorm? halloween... >> gregg: and we lost power.
2:14 pm
fun. maria molina, great to see you, thanks. >> heather: temperatures in california are still in the 60s and 70s. >> gregg: let's go to california -- oh, no look at the gasoline prices. >> heather: unless you have to drive. california drivers, they are facing all-time high gas prices. the average for a gallon of regular, $4.61. excite coming after a temporary -- the spike coming after a temporary reduction in supply triggered by a power outage in a refinery and a explosion in august. aaa says today's price beat the record by less than a tenth of a penny. the previous high was back in june of 2008. >> gregg: it is like $4.99 in some places. >> heather: crazy. >> gregg: wild. >> heather: back to the cooler temperatures. you are happy about that story. you like that. >> gregg: i am? well, i'm looking forward to winter and a little skiing, you know? >> heather: take your daughter skiing. >> gregg: wax up and edge your skis, everybody, get ready.
2:15 pm
america's unemployment rate may be slightly down but other signs suggest our economy is still in pretty bad shape. the troubling economic indicators that are still topping voters' lists of concerns, with exactly one month until election day. >> heather: and freedom of speech or just plain freaky? judge jeanine pirro looks at why sex offenders are suing for the right to hand out halloween candy. gregg: and some wounded u.s. warriors lace up for a run to help their injured brothers in arms. we'll tell you how you can be a part of this special effort to give homes to troops who make the ultimate sacrifice to keep us all safe ♪
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2:19 pm
>> heather: welcome back. time for a quick check of the headlines, artillery fire between syria and turkey extends into its fourth straight day. sparking new fears the civil war in syria could escalate into a regional conflict. and the pope's former butler sentenced to 18 months. he was convicted of stealing the pontiff's private documents, and leaking them to a journalist. but the former butler is expected to get a pardon from the pope. plus, a tour bus coming from
2:20 pm
canada, filled with 60 passengers overturns on a new jersey highway. police say at least 12 people were hurt, the cause of the crash is still unclear ♪ >> gregg: new economic concerns for folks on main street. despite a drop in september's job report from 8.1 to 7.8% but if you look at the chart. there you have it, monthly job growth in terms of hard numbers, remains pretty lackluster. so, while the overall jobless number may have been proved fractionally -- improved fractionally, voters are facing troubling economic factors that give them cause for concern when they cast their ballot. the founder of left action and president of palinko consulting and, a former spokesman joins
2:21 pm
us, for george bush. and household income is down $3040 since the recession ended and food inflation is way up, and, that is the price of groceries, up 60 basis points. which is a lot. for the average american trying to pay bills and put food on the table, isn't it equally as important as jobs? maybe more so. >> look the economic situation in this country is still not where it should be. there are still 12 million americans actively looking for work, and can't find a job, 23 million americans who need work, who are underemployed and left the job market and the cost of the incomes and the cost of gas, the cost of food, all those things are squeezing the middle class, and vice president biden said recently, the last four years the middle class of america has been buried. and, that is still going to be the number one issue despite the unemployment report that came out yesterday, the number one issue when voters go to the polls is the state of the
2:22 pm
economy and who they think can better deal and get america working again. >> gregg: john the price of gasoline, i want to talk about that. it has more than doubled since president obama took office. and, in fact, in places like california, goodness, $4.50, almost $5 and that leaves many americans with a who'll lot less money in their wallets, to spend on other things. that, in turn, is hurting retailers, it is hurting small business owners, doesn't that kind of economic stress caused by the high gasoline prices weigh against the president? >> well, the good news is, i mean, just to answer it straightforward, it is hard, people don't want to spend more money and they'd want to spend less and what the president has going for him is total employment has gone up by 3 million, since this time a year ago and the unemployment rate went from 9% to 7.8... >> gregg: you are still 4.5 million jobs behind, right?
2:23 pm
>> in the past year we have gained 3 million jobs and since the depth o-the recession, gained 5 million. >> gregg: but you are not where you wanted to be, normally in a recovery, you should be up about 4.5 -- >> remember, though, like ronald reagan, in his re-election effort, the unemployment rate had gone -- gone down by 1.4%. >> gregg: from 10.8% down to 7% and after his re-election down to 5. >> the last year prior went down 1.4 point and now, it has gone down 1.2 points and momentum is important and where you are, is not where we want to be but people can sense the momentum and see where it is going. >> gregg: john, you brought up the reagan comparison and he had interest rates almost 20% and runaway inflation and none of that afflicted this particular president. in fact, you know, the unemployment rate for ronald reagan was higher and the unemployment rate for the president. >> well, it went to 10.8, i
2:24 pm
believe... and i mean, if you are saying that ronald reagan inherited a worse economy. >> gregg: he did. >> i don't know how you can make the argument. >> gregg: are you kidding. >> we lost 800,000 jobs. >> gregg: unemployment was higher, inflation was higher and interest rates were higher. >> in twa2009, january we lost 741,000 jobs and if that trend continued, we almost had a second great depression... >> gregg: i hear you. i hear you. justin, a lot of folks are afraid to invest in the stock market. interest rates are so incredibly low, the opposite of what ronald reagan had and, you can't really invest in cd's and money market account and that is not keeping up with inflation. and that left americans with, you know, stagnant savings account and diminished personal wealth and that is an important election factor, too? >> well, especially, it is an important election factor, especially here in the state of florida, we have a large number of senior sinners, elders who are depending on their life savings, earnings, from interest, from that type of income, and they are not spending and that affects our
2:25 pm
economy here in florida, for sure, and, you know, overall, again, this is something where the uncertainty of the future of the electoral system in the u.s., who is going to win the election, freezes investment, and freezes businesses, and they don't know what the impact of obamacare will be, if it will be implemented and if mitt romney, the republicans take control of congress, whether it will be repealed. so, all of the uncertainty is having a depressing effect on the economy. and, that is not good for the -- not good for president obama. >> gregg: john, what about taxes? 9 in 10 americans will see an average tax increase in january of $3,500, when the bush tax cuts expire and the payroll tax holiday expires. middle income households, that is to say those with between 40 and $64,000, will see a tax hike of roughly $2,000 and the closer we get to that and closer to the election, and people will say,
2:26 pm
goodness, my taxes are going to go up, that is going to impact their vote, won't it? >> it depends how they look at this, because one way to look at it is, there was a bill in the house, republicans opposed, that would have -- the effect would have been the taxes would not have gone up for the middle class, so, how do the voters see that? i don't know, they may be concerned about tax hikes. but, you know, if we want to look at what is best for the economy, long term, i think long term we should look at the rates under clinton and a good chunk of ronald reagan's office, people who earned more were paying more and it seems only fair, people should pay their fair share and it is good for the economy and the terms of the fiscal cliff, that is something we have to address. >> gregg: i want to let you have, justin the last word on this, again the jobless rate ticked down, .3%. it is now below 8%, doesn't that deprive governor mitt romney of one of the main arguments that, for more than 40 months, we have
2:27 pm
been above 8% unemployment. >> absolutely not. there are still too many americans that aren't working... >> gregg: deprives him of the argument, doesn't it. he can't make the argument, anymore. >> he can make the argument, that 7.8%, unemployment rate is unacceptable united states of america after four years of a president who racked up $4 trillion of debt our children have to pay back, if barack obama wants to campaign for re-election, saying, i got the unemployment rate down to 7.8% and gave $4 trillion -- >> gregg: he's going to argue... >> cooperated in anyway... if the house republicans cooperated in any way, shape or form, unemployment would be lower. >> dave: john and justin, gentlemen, good to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> heather: coming up, thousands of americans will be casting absentee ballots. ballots in the presidential race, this november. but, it is also one of the top ways people can commit voter
2:28 pm
fraud. eric sean will investigate. >> gregg: brand new comments from defense secretary leon panetta on the libya consulate investigation. why the arrest of two men could reveal new information about the deadly attack. [ female announcer ] a classic meatloaf recipe from stouffer's starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner.
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♪ >> gregg: bottom of the hour, time for top of the news. death from a rare outbreak of meningitis, rising to 7 today. health officials say potentially thousands could have been exposed. the illness traced back to steroid injections produced by one massachusetts pharmacy. >> heather: a radical cleric making his first u.s. court appearance today, al-masri refused to enter a plea, to charges he set up a terrorist training camp in oregon.
2:33 pm
>> gregg: janet napolitano visiting the family of fallen border agent nicholas ivie saying his death may be the result of friendly fire after responding to a border alarm, earlier this week. >> heather: a "fox news alert," fox news confirm congress subpoenaed the head security official at the u.s. consulate in libya. ordering him to appear at next week's house hearing into the deadly attack. in the meantime defense secretary leon panetta says the investigation is now -- the u.s. is now investigating a potential new lead in the case. peter duesy has the story from washington. >> reporter: it has been 25 days since four americans were murdered in libya and the word from leon panetta is the hunt is still on for the people responsible. he also says it is too soon to tell if two tunisian men arrested in turkey in connection with the murders are al qaeda affiliated. >> we're doing everything possible to make sure that we go
2:34 pm
after those who were involved in the attack in libya. >> reporter: five days after the deadly raid on the consulate in benghazi the u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice went on five sunday shows and said the attack may have been spontaneous and it wasn't necessarily terrorism, but, she says at the time, she, quote, relied solely and squarely on the information the intelligence community provided to her, the information she says represents the intelligence community's best current assessment as of the date of her television aexperiences. but that is not an acceptable explanation for senators mccain and johnson, saying the obama administration is misleading congress and the american people or is blaming the entire failure on the intelligence community and ambassador rice claims the administration launched a comprehensive effort to determine what happened in benghazi, but the administration failed to secure the scene of the terrorist attack for three weeks. a state department memo shows the security team in benghazi
2:35 pm
was denied a dc-3 aircraft they asked for before the attack but a white house spokesman says there is nothing to prove the plane would have prevented the murder of those four americans. heather. >> heather: peter doocy reporting from washington. leon panetta is traveling through peru and uruguay today and we'll bring you developments on the story as we get them. >> gregg: new concerns over voting in the presidential election, millions of voters across the u.s. are expecteded to turn in absentee ballots and this could be a weak link in election integrity because the process various from state-to-state. and senior correspondent eric sean looks at how one county in new jersey handled the ballots. >> eric: you mail in your vote, a way for your voice to be heard, and the numbers are growing, over 90 million voters in the 2010 federal election. more than 14 million, over 15% of the electorate used absentee ballots according to federal statistics and, one county in
2:36 pm
new jersey is typical and expects to handle 40,000 absentee ballots out of more than half a million voters and the county clerk says there is a rigorous procedure that involves both democrats and republican election officials to ensure the integrity of the ballots. >> our people get the information and do a verification process and the ballot is sent out in the compete packet to them with instructions. that ballot is then returned to the board of elections, which actually counts and does a verification process to make sure it is the correct person. >> eric: the ballots are kept secure and locked in a 24 hour guarded room for protection and somepla places count them befor election and others on it or after and some say these ballots they're easiest way to commit voter fraud and there were prosecutions in at least ten states, owe far this year. >> board elections people are overwhelmed during the time of an election and sometimes don't have the time to compare the
2:37 pm
signature on the application, to the signature on file and, when that occurs, an absentee goes out that is illegal. >> eric: one new york case politicians and political operatives submitted fake absentee ballots. in arkansas, absentee ballots cast for an opposing candidate were ripped up and thrown away. if you suspect voter fraud where you live, tell us. voterfraud@fox, in new york, i'm eric sean, fox news. >> heather: thank you. hundreds including more than a dozen wounded warriors running for a great cause, this morning, in virginia. the run with the warriors raises money to help renovate apartments used for transitional housing for injured vets, coming out of walter reed national military medical center in bethesda, maryland, adjusting counter heights and widening doors and making bathrooms wheelchair accessible and the foundation must raise $575,000,
2:38 pm
that is per apartment, to cover expenses for the renovation and you can learn more and make contributions at the web site on your screen. >> gregg: a good cause and let's hope they raise lots of money. >> heather: pricey, 575,000. >> gregg: you think of all the renovations, they probably have to gut most of the apartment and start all over again. >> heather: help them raise the money. >> gregg: shocking first amendment lawsuit as convicted sex offenders fight for the right to hand out candy on halloween, that's right. we'll tell you where, and ask judge jeanine pirro to weigh in. >> heather: and fallout from this week's presidential debate, as new polls reveal that both sides could have their work cut out for them with exactly one month until the election. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ?
2:39 pm
launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr.
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>> heather: welcome back. city officials pass a law
2:43 pm
banning registered sex offenders from passing out candy on halloween. they probably don't expect to get slapped, though with a first amendment lawsuit and that is exactly what is happening, in simi valley, california and while the folks doing the suing say it is about more than being able to give candy to kids, it is creating serious outrage on both sides of the case. >> having to put a sign on your door in halloween is like branding someone, whether a scarlett letter or yellow star of david for nazi germany, it is something that distinguishes everybody and actually makes them an outcast in their own community. >> i think it is reasonable. this ordinance the city passed to help protect and keep us a safe city. >> heather: judge jeanine pirro is a fox news legal analyst and host of justice with judge jeannine, here on fnc, the
2:44 pm
registered sex offenders along with three wives and two children, who are suing on the basis of the first amendment right. >> you know, i have to tell you, it is absolutely incomprehensible to hear that attorney say, this is like having to wear, you know, the jewish star in world war ii. come on. these are predators, they are pedophiles, they are recidivists and waiting for your children, to come to their door, and make no mistake they are repeat offenders and they are cunning and devious and to say their civil rights are violated, the first and 14th amendments, because they can't have a sign, you know, and halloween deck kra decorations to come into hair house, they've forfeited their right to have access to children. >> heather: and the attorney likening it to branding. and mentioning what they need to document let's look at the things required in the ordinance, or this law that was
2:45 pm
actually passed by the city of simi valley. first of all, a sign they have to post on their door, just says this, doesn't say i'm a sex offender, it says no candy or treats at this residence. they have to leave all exterior decorative and ornamental lighting off, 5:00 p.m. to midnight and, refrain from decorating their front yard and house exterior and don't answer the door to children trick-or-treating. >> essentially they are saying, you cannot try to lure these children. we know this is what you do. and we know you want children and know to -- sex with it i should say and you will not change your behavior and here, at the end of the day, when the united states supreme court, if they were to look at this, they will absolutely shoot it down. why? because they have decided that a sexual predator can be imprisoned although they don't call it that for even longer than a criminal sentence, because they are a danger to the community. it is absurd. >> heather: there are 119 registered sex offenders in simi
2:46 pm
valley and is there is this megan's law web site, where the worst of them, their names are posted and, there are 67 of them there. >> think about it. if you have children, and will you say to your kid, i don't want you going to 195 main street but go to 197 and, you know, you don't know the predator will be there, i would arrest the guys for not being where they were supposed to be and not reporting where they were living. they are living in a fantasy world if they think it is a violation of their civil rights if they don't have access to our children, whom they want to have sex with. >> heather: and not the first city to do this. >> but the shame is there are many states without ordinances like this and who do not say, you as a sex offender don't have the right to bring and welcome children to your home, and hand out candy on halloween and parents need to understand, they have to give kids a cell phone and stay with them and oversee where they are going and always check their candy. >> heather: an effort to be preventive and you want to see
2:47 pm
the laws go into place before something happens versus a reaction afterwards and, your show tonight, talking about the hearings about the consulate in libya. >> right. right. the oversight hearings will begin on wednesday. there will be testimony, from people who have information about benghazi and, make believe narrative the white house and the obama administration has been throwing out there you have been reporting on, and, we're going to talk about what will they find out and what was the obligation of hillary clinton as the secretary of state, overseeing the department of state and were there requests by the ambassador stevens in particular for more protection or marine security and, you know, why didn't he get them. what did hillary know and when did she know it? we'll talk about that tonight. >> heather: thank you so much, we appreciate it, judge jeannine as always, and you can catch justice with judge jeannine, 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. tune in for that, for sure. >> gregg: more fallout from the first presidential debate, brand
2:48 pm
new polling data, giving one candidate the edge, we're going to break done taeak down the nu coming up next. i brought your stuff. you don't have to do this. yes i do. i want you to keep this. it'd be weird. take care. you too. [ sighs ] so how did it go? he's upset. [ male announcer ] spend less time at gas stations with best in class fuel economy. it's our most innovative altima ever. ♪ >> announcer: stop! living with hair loss, that is. losing your hair is no fun and no one wants to be bald, but there is hope. >> getting my hair back was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> i'm happy with the way i look now. >> i'm very excited about my hair. >> i feel beautiful. >> i love my hair. >> announcer: hair club offers all-proven hair loss solutions backed by our commitment to satisfaction guaranteed. if you're not 100% satisfied with the solution you choose,
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2:52 pm
>> gregg: the daily presidential tracking poll, from rasmussen reports, including surveys from after wednesday's debate showing governor mitt romney is leading 49%, to president obama's 47%. well when the poll's margin of error, scott rasmussen, author of wou"the people's money" join us. break it down for us, a couple of days since the debate and the undecideds, did i see that, 2%? >> that's right. we're at a point where people made up their minds and the numbers shift from the morning of the debate, it was president obama up by two points, 49 to 47 and they began to move in governor romney's direction and the results include 2 nights out of 3 after the debate, tomorrow morning will be our first update, based entirely on post debate numbers and i'll be on "fox & friends" when the numbers come out. >> heather: i'll be very interested to hear what you have to say about that.
2:53 pm
>> heather: the next debate is thursday, biden and ryan and after that, president obama and governor romney, meet two more times, 87% of people say they plan to watch the debates but do they matter in terms of how they'll vote. >> these are 87 ps of voters and people say they are likely to watch and the number of people who say, it is important to their vote, 17% and one of the interesting things about this year's debate, less people said the debates were important and, we had the financial industry melt down and that overshadowed everything. >> gregg: i want to talk about the political advertising, in some states and a lot has been
2:54 pm
fairly negative. well, ugly. what did you find? >> 55% say there is more negative advertising this year than ever before. and 5% say, more than earlier and i tell people i live in new jersey and if i go to a swing state and say i can watch an entire football game without seeing a political ad they are shocked and can't imagine the world and the reason it is frustrating, half of all americans think it is possible to win the house, without trashing your opponent. >> heather: what about in terms of the media focus. do people believe the media focus is on the negative campaigning too much? >> too much, 65% say they are focussing more on that than the issues and that is a little less than we saw, four years ago. and i think there is just really part of a bigger challenge the media has now and there is a perception that all of the flil stuff is about who raised how much money and the games and what are the campaign consultants saying rather than
2:55 pm
about how do we get america back on track and america living up to its ideals and republicans and unaffiliated voters, more skeptical than democrats, this there. >> gregg: do voters think the job market is getting better. >> no, 21% now say the jobs market is better than it was a year ago and 41% say it is worse and these numbers were collected just before this last jobs report. but, everything that we are seeing, people are very concerned, 20% of workers tell us their firms are hiring people and 23% say they are still laying people off. >> heather: and perhaps a reason for those numbers, who -- how many people say they actually know someone who is out of a job or has given up looking? >> three out of four americans know someone who is looking for a job, and that means it cuts across all sectors of society and is not an isolated down turn, just under half say they know one who is so frustrated they've given up and these realities, things people see in their workplace or the fact they know someone who is looking has
2:56 pm
a far bigger impact on public opinion and consumer confidence, than the official reports from the government. >> gregg: scott rasmussen of rasmussen reports, great to see you as always, thanks for those numbers. >> going to be a good month. >> heather: see you tomorrow on "fox & friends." >> gregg: rick and arthel neville are waiting in the wings. have a great weekend, bye-bye. ♪ [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is
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